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This assortment of big, colorful effects including glittering willows, crackling willows, crackling waves and colorful brocade crown is a great commercial grade assortment!

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If you want to play with the big boys you will need a commercial grade shell! The display shells fills the bill!  10 shots!

1. Crackling Waves & Red Pearls 2. Green Glittering Willows 3. Gold Glittering Crown 4. White Glittering Willows 5. Red Pearls & White Glittering 6. Silver Wave & Red Pearls 7. White Chrysanthemums 8. Gold Glittering Willow & Green Glittering Willow 9. Green Glittering 10. Silver Rain

Commercial Grade Shells: 10


  • Loud noise
  • Huge Breaks
  • Multi effects


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