24 tube mortar rack

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24 tube mortar rack with HDPE tubes. Take your fireworks show to the next level with these racks!

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24 tube mortar rack? YES! You can take your show to the next level with this setup! With this rack you will be able to ignite 24 canister shells in succession with one fuse! Or perhaps you want to ignite 2, 3 or 4 canisters at once? Its up to you! There are dozens of combinations possible! This rack is a perfect combination when purchasing a 24 count artillery pack!   Warning: Do not use PVC for tubes!


Take your fireworks show to the next level with a mortar rack setup! 

Learn more about mortar racks and tubes: 

Watch these videos to learn more:

Mortar Tubes 1:               

Firing Systems:             

Fuse assembly:       


  • Loud niose
  • Huge Breaks
  • Multi effects


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