Buying Guide Basics:

There are a few ways to purchase fireworks and get the most for your money. It depends on your needs and what you hope to accomplish. Anyone can purchase great booming fireworks but did you know that you can have a great display with just a few key fireworks items? First, let me start by saying that we have taken a lot of the guess work out of it for you by bringing in items that we think will produce the best shows for less money.
There are thousands of items from the manufactures and we carefully hand pick according to:
•Shot amount
•Length of time
•How well it will fit into a show display
It's not always about the biggest box or something that seems to be a great item. It can look great and perhaps even boom great but cost more. If so we probably won't bring it in. We will have something just like it (and probably better) that costs much less.

We will be specifically talking about displays and packages for building basic consumer displays. Items for shows are things that are ignited once (Cakes).  Think of them as small shows.

There are many ways to approach building a great display.  We will cover a few economical ways in this section.
In this first example we will construct a nice show on a budget.



A good starter show on a small budget:


To start with there are items that we will refer to as show starters. These are the beginning items to get the show started.  Starters can refer to something like missile bases or 200g cakes. The small 200g cakes are a great way to get the show started and very cost effective. One small 200g cake might have something like 96 shots! You can pick up about a half dozen cakes for the cost of one large cake.

So lets say you start with a small cake and then add a fountain after this. A great way to start since these 2 items won't cost more than a few dollars. Next on this list might be something like a small artillery shell. These can be purchased for as little as a few dollars as well. So far we have 3 items in our show that will make a nice starter and last a few minutes all for very little money! Once you shoot the small artillery you may want to go back to another 200g cake and this time shoot 2 together. 2 small cakes can be very effective side by side and give the illusion of a much bigger show depending on type used and cost very little money. You may want to add a 25 shot missile battery in this show for extra excitement.  Now it's time to step up a bit and perhaps go to a bit larger 200g cake that might have more shots and more colors. Still very affordable and surprisingly puts on a great show for its size. Another nice fountain might look good for extra brightness. Higher amounts of shots can sometimes be more desirable than bigger less shot items. We are more interested in duration (in most cases) rather than size. (For show displays) So far we are off to a great start!
Now we want to get to the climax. This might include 1 nice 500g cake or perhaps a 60g canister shell. A cake will last a few minutes while a 60g canister shell will be one big boom. It is probably more economical to get (2) 60g canister shells and ignite them one after the other which will also make a great addition to the display. You can get a 6 pack of 60g canister shells for less than a larger 500g cake. However 500g cakes put on a better show with more effects and last longer. So the choice is up to you. The climax or the middle of the show can be as long as you wish the show to be.
Have a plan and choose the correct items. You can probably build your show for less than a tank of gas in your car. 200g cakes are the most cost effective and the best choice for a great looking display. Don't worry so much about what one little 200g cake does. It's about how they are used.
So far we have a great choice of small and medium items that won't break the bank. Let's talk about the finish or finale. This can be as elaborate or simple as you choose. Obviously elaborate cost more. But for our purposes we want to build an affordable show on a budget. In this case a nice finale piece would be something with a lot of shots (large cake or zipper) or perhaps 2 medium sized cakes. The choices are endless. Most affordable would be 1 medium finale cake. This would provide a nice finish. A finale cake is one that throws lots of effects into the air at once thus being the finish of our show.

multiple effects


We have all types of fireworks display show pieces to fit every budget. If you want more bang and bigger effects we might start with a few 200g cakes. You cannot go wrong with these as starters. They are most affordable and have decent effects. Start with a small 7 shot and follow it up with perhaps a 200g zipper cake. This will look very busy and exciting. Use perhaps 3 small artillery tubes together behind the zipper. Once that goes off then perhaps follow with a nice 300 shot missile base while that is going fire off a 60g canister along with 3 more. So far we have constructed a very powerful and exciting array of fireworks! This is still VERY affordable. The finale can be constructed of as many effects as your budget allows. For this example (2) 500g cakes can be used together. 2 different ways of approaching this are having 2 exact same finale boxes or 2 different. The choice is yours. Both have exciting effects. If you had 2 of the same you could sit them apart from each other covering more air space and looking grand! Or 2 very different finale boxes and wire them one after the other.

Ask us for more details.