Cakes and Artillery like no other!

We have searched long and hard to bring you a new level of performance pyro! 1.4g  500g cakes used to be 9 shot single bursting displays. Now as many as 60 shots are combined in patterned displays to make a more exciting display in the air. Our new selection of cakes are more colorful and make a better show! What used to take several cakes to make a show now takes perhaps 2 of our cakes! You won't believe this when we show you the videos of how these cakes perform! Welcome to the new 2020 performance cakes and artillery!
Here is an example of a new gen 500g Cake. (click on the cake!)

cake examples

Not sure what they do? Watch before you buy! We have videos on hand of all of our products so there is no guessing about what your purchasing!

Just made it easier for you to purchase great products!

Blazing 7 Fireworks has partnered up with more outlets to bring you the biggest seleciton of brands in South Texas! Take a look at our new lineup! We now have dozens of different brands to choose from! We offer a few exclusive brands like STINGER fireworks and Pyro Demon fireworks! These are some of the best products that we have seen! Others like T Sky and Wild Dragon are also on our exclusive list. No need to go to dozens of different places to find all of these brands because we have brought them in just for you! We are your one stop shop for the best fireworks! We hope you enjoy this huge selection!

products clean1

Now with 2 Locations!

Blazing 7 Fireworks now has 2 locations to purchase Black Cat fireworks and more!
Our legendary selection of performance fireworks now spans across town with the addition of our latest location in Boerne!   EXIT 550 and stay on the feeder road until you see the bright signs!

Directions: Exit 548 toward Boerne. Go straight and stay on feeder road through intersection. Go down about 1.5 miles and we are on the right. Look for the flags and entrance signs.


Buying Guide Basics:

There are a few ways to purchase fireworks and get the most for your money. It depends on your needs and what you hope to accomplish. Anyone can purchase great booming fireworks but did you know that you can have a great display with just a few key fireworks items? First, let me start by saying that we have taken a lot of the guess work out of it for you by bringing in items that we think will produce the best shows for less money.
There are thousands of items from the manufactures and we carefully hand pick according to:
•Shot amount
•Length of time
•How well it will fit into a show display

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