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Item #: DAS500
Another high performance 5" canister from Dormei Fireworks


  • Big Breaks
  • Beautiful Multicolors
  • Multieffects
  • Long duration

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Effect 1.White glittering willow with red.
Effect 2.Color crackling to green glittering.
Effect 3.Color pearls to brocade crown with reports.
Effect 4.Color pearls with white glittering.
Effect 5.Red plum blossom to silver chrysanthemum.
Effect 6.Red pony with green glittering.
Effect 7.Red pony with green glittering.
Effect 8.Red coconut with white glittering.
Effect 9.Gold Ti willow with red dahlia.
Effect 10.Brocade crown with color pearls.
Effect 11.Brocade crown with blue pearls.
Effect 12.Brocade crown with blue & green glittering.
Effect 13.Brocade crown with purple pearls.
Effect 14.Brocade crown to silver chrysanthemum.
Effect 15.Blue,green peony to red plum blossom.
Effect 16.Blue pearls to red plum blossom and silver chrysanthemum.
Effect 17.Gold Ti willow to blue pearls.
Effect 18.Green peony to gold glittering.
Effect 19.Green glittering to red plum blossom & silver chrysanthemum.
Effect 20.Green coconut to blue peony & red plum blossom.
Effect 21.Green coconut to silver chrysanthemum.
Effect 22.Green peony with white glittering.
Effect 23.Lemon with gold glittering.
Effect 24.Crackling willow to red plum blossom with green glittering.

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